New Patients


Welcome to University Heights Dental Studio.

We understand that dental anxiety is a challenge that many people face and we want to help allay your fears so you feel good about optimizing your oral and overall health.

This means we’re not judgy:)

If  you haven’t been to the dentist in forever or have lots of cavities, we aren’t going to make you feel weird. These things happen. We'll help you correct the situation as quickly and easily as possible.

While we're super professional, we're also casual, down-to-earth and upbeat.

We enjoy making our patients feel comfortable. We also love knowing our patients as individuals. We look forward to catching up with you when you walk through our door.

Will my insurance cover my dental procedures?

We don’t know for sure. Every insurance plan is different and, due to the Privacy Act, insurance companies are not allowed to give us information about your insurance plan. You need to call your insurance company to get that information, but we can help you know which questions to ask.